for BUTTON production line

set up a nylon button cap factory Explore the allure of entrepreneurship and learn how to create a high-quality nylon button cap factory in the textile industry, injecting new vitality into the fashion sector.

set up a punch button factory Explore entrepreneurial opportunities by establishing a professional punch button factory, offering innovative products and solutions to the fashion industry.

set up a die-coast button factory Learn how to build an efficient die-cast button factory, providing quality products to the apparel and accessory markets and realizing entrepreneurial dreams.

set up a aluminum nail factory Explore opportunities in the aluminum products market by establishing a specialized aluminum nail factory, providing reliable products and services to industries such as construction and furniture.

set up a plating & painting factory for button Explore the diversity of entrepreneurship by creating a factory that combines chrome plating and painting for buttons, offering personalized solutions to the fashion industry.

set up a assembled button factory Learn how to build an efficient team and create a professional assembled button factory, offering customized products to clothing brands.

for Button application

  • Accessories

    Manufaturing Solution

  • Lower Body Garments

    Manufaturing Solution

  • Outerwear

    Manufaturing Solution

  • Specialized Apparel

    Manufaturing Solution

  • Upper Body Garments

    Manufaturing Solution

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Foshan Qingchen Garment Accessories Co., Ltd. is a garment accessories manufacturer located in Sanshui District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province. The company has been focusing on the production and research of garment accessories for more than 30 years. It has rich industry experience and a mature production ......




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